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Born in 1986 to a Norwegian father and English mother, he was not born like most Norwegians with skis on their feet, but with a camera in his hands.

At the age of 5, after watching Rambo First Blood Part II he was inspired to become an actor, however at the age of 10, James Cameron's True Lies convinced him that what he really wanted to do was to become a film director and so changed direction to move behind the camera.

Consumed by a passion to make films, he opted out of the Norwegian schooling system aged 16 to study film making in England, first at Oxford, then at Salisbury, finally arriving at the International Film School of Sydney in Australia.

Progressing from slapstick and action movies with his friends as a child, he has since embraced themes such as anorexia, death, sex, fear, paranoia and the drama of being human.

David Austrem is imaginative, creative, sensitive, open, refreshing and never afraid to push the boundaries of film making in the search of cinematic beauty. His films shock, thrill, repulse and entertain audiences of any age, creed or belief.

His style of film making were and still are influenced strongly by the likes of Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, Stanley Kubrick, John Woo, and James Cameron. He is continually developing and reshaping his own style depending on the subject matter he is tackling.

Unafraid to take on controversial subjects, he combines sensitivity to subject matter with an interesting take, flair and drives it home with satirical humour to engage his audience in films that push the boundaries.

"Thanks for all the love and support from family, friends and fans. The best is yet to come". - David Austrem.

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